Safety City Car Sponsor Information

Every year approximately 5,000 children and 1,200 adults receive priceless education made possible by the funds received by the City of Abilene, the Friends of Safety City, generous donors, and our car and building sponsors.

Sponsor a car at Safety City!

* Vehicle Body Style May Differ

Sponsor a car at Safety City!

• Your business’ logo on three sides
• Targeted, inexpensive advertising
• Reach over 19 counties every year
• $300 sponsorships good for two years
• Renewal priority after expiration
• An excellent Big Country investment
• Hurry, only 10 sponsorships available!

"It was over ten years ago, but I remember the car I drove; it was a blast!"

"I can’t wait until my kid gets to go to Safety City; I am going with them!"

"Abilene is so fortunate to have a place like Safety City to teach our children safety. Most cities in the United States do not have what Abilene has; thanks to everyone that makes it possible!"

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Physical Address: 2601 South 7th Street, Abilene, Texas
Mailing Address: PO Box 174, Abilene, Texas 79604-0174
Phone Number: (325) 676-6096
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